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What to Eat For More Energy

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2021

Modern life can burn us out if we dont keep our eye on things and actively look after ourselves. Our body and our physiology is still right there in the days of living off the land in a cave somewhere. Our brains grew at an alarming rate and created a world that has put demands on us that evolution has not allowed us to catch up with or cope with.

The pressures of modern life is obviously inescapable, unless you choose to join an Ashram and shun material existence, so how can we help our bodies better cope with the insane demands placed upon them that zap our energy. Well, this is a big subject and I wouldnt be daft enough to pretend that diet is the be all and end all that has all of the answers and is your ultimate saviour. Personal development, mental and physical development, all have a huge part to play. That being said, there ARE some nutritional strategies that can give us a head start.


Balance blood sugar

This is a pretty simple starting point but one most people...

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Why you Should Understand Fats and Fatty Acids

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2021

Fats are one of the most feared and misunderstood elements of our diet. For decades we were taught that fat will make us fat and destroy the health of our heart and circulatory system.

Times have moved on thankfully and our understanding of the vital importance of fats has grown.  Particularly the fatty acids they supply  and how these can accelerate disease or offer some protection. This is something you REALLY need to be clued up on.


What are fatty acids?

Essential fatty acids are a group of fats that are biologically active and absolutely vital to our health and the health of every single cell in the body. They are called essential because we have to get them from our diet. Our body cannot manufacture them.


There are 2 essential fatty acids – omega 3 and omega 6.  These fatty acids play such a vast and varied role in human physiology. It is really rather mind blowing. They are involved in maintaining the structure of cell membranes, myelin...

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Tune up Your Digestion

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2021

In all my clinical practice, there has to be one area of health that presented more than any other. Maladies of the digestive system. Whilst these issues are often as diverse and unique as the person presenting with them, there are certainly a few things that we can do to help our digestive system function at its best.


Slow down

Ok, so you have probably heard this a million times before but, when you eat…slow down a bit. Im not going to be one of those people that tells you to chew your food 30 times before you swallow it, because I happen to live in the real world and dont like being a drooling fool with jaw ache. But, slowing down a bit and taking a bit more time can certainly pay off for us. There are two main reasons for this, the main one being in line with what this piece is all about – it benefits our digestion. You see, our digestive process is stimulated by all of our senses. The sight and smell of food kick starts this beautifully. Have you seen or...

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5 Ways to Get Your Kids Eating Healthier

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2021

Simple tips and tricks to get your kids eating better.

One question that I am faced with again and again with my clients is ‘how do I get my kids to eat healthier’? This can sometimes be a bit of a minefield as each individual case is different and often tactics have to be tailored to the situation presenting itself. That being said, there are a few tips and tricks that have consistently been successful for my clients.


Get them involved

Ok, this may seem like a bit of a ‘no shock Sherlock’ moment, but this can be a huge lever in helping children overcome resistance to some foods and getting them to be more adventurous. When they are actually in the kitchen with you and engaged in the process of preparing a meal, they get a greater emotional investment and attachment to the meal being created. If they are allowed some input into what is being prepared, this can often break down resistance. Their emotional investment creates a sense of excitement about...

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5 ays to Get Ahead in Your Diet

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2021

These simple hacks will keep you on track. Employing these simple strategies will stop you slipping back in to old habits.

Eating well really doesn’t need to be difficult at all, but sometimes we can find ourselves slipping back into old habits. A little bit of organisation and you can stay on track.


Plan your meals

Plan your weekday meals. Get a bank of healthy recipes that you really enjoy making together, and start planning your weekday meals from them. I say weekday meals only because I personally like to chill out a bit at the weekend and be less strict with myself. Obviously Im not saying any of you need to be strict, its just a personal choice that I have made for myself. Planning meals means you have one less thing to worry about during your busy week. Dinner is taken care of!!


Shop to your plan

Go shopping after you have planned your weeks food and shop to the plan. List all the ingredients you need for the weeks planned meals and stick to that as your...

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