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Modern life is continually pushing our health and vitality to the absolute limits in so many different ways. It's no wonder so many of us are feeling sick, tired, burned out, and burdened with less than great health. Let's get you back to YOU again!


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My clinical health programmes guide you step by step back to better health. 

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Take a detailed deep dive into all things diet & nutrition.

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Who says healthy needs to be bland and boring? Good nutrition can be delicious. 

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Well hello there!

Welcome to my World! Good to have you here.

I have dedicated the last 26 years of my life to the field of Nutrition and helping people like you achieve better health. Nutrition is an incredibly powerful and effective tool in the management and prevention of disease. It represents one of the key things that we can actually do for ourselves to actively play a role in our own healthcare.

I am a Sunday Times best selling author of 18 books, clinical practitioner, TV presenter and teacher. I hold a BSc in Human Nutrition, a BSc in Herbal Medicine, and a Post Graduate Degree in Nutritional Medicine. Over the last 2 and a half decades I have developed tools, strategies, and clinical protocols to help people restore their health with simple effective dietary changes.

Whilst I do still see patients face to face, I can't reach everyone that way. Education is my passion so I have created my online clinical health programmes, books, podcasts and more to give you answers and help you on the road to better health. 


Save Money Without Compromising Your Health

These uncertain times bring great financial challenges - but you do NOT need to let your health suffer to be money smart!

Your Key To Saving Money And Making Eating Healthy More Achievable!

It is time for a far smarter approach to eating well.

  • Stockpile your freezer, with healthy delicious family favourite meals. 
  • Need less and less trips to the supermarket. 
  • Take advantage of supermarket offers and reduced price fresh produce.
  • Always have good home cooked food on hand.
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Need something to listen to that deepens your nutritional knowledge? Fancy going deep down the nutritional rabbit hole in short sharp bursts? Then you need....

My Podcast: 'The Nutrition Nuggets Podcast'


The Nutrition Nuggets Podcast is my way to do what I love to do the most - geek out and go down the rabbit hole of nutrition knowledge. Sometimes I bring in guests, sometimes it is just me on my soapbox, and sometimes I answer listener questions. Available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and more. Find it on your favourite podcasting platform and please subscribe and leave a review. 

You can also listen to the podcast here on the website. Follow the link below. 

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Train At My Nutrition School


Don't leave your nutrition knowledge to Google and guesswork.

Understanding nutrition and how to use it saves lives! It changes lives! It represents that one element of your healthcare that you can actively engage in. You just need the right knowledge.

The thing is, there is so much misinformation and confusion out there. Fashion, glossy magazines and fads have left people completely confused.

This is why understanding true evidence based nutrition is so vital. You cannot leave it to chance.

We are proud to deliver a World class educational experience. Taught by some of the most notorious, leading nutrition and health leaders alive today, this programme gives you an in depth, evidence based, working knowledge of nutrition that will change lives. Including yours!

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Work With Me


'There are many ways in which we can work together. If you have health challenges, we can work 1-to-1 in my clinic, or you could work through one of my online programmes. I also work closely with brands in everything from product development through to promotional activities. I also frequently work with media - TV & Radio as a spokesperson for evidence based, simple, safe nutrition. 

To learn more about all of the different ways that we can work together, click the button below and feel free to get in touch with any questions!


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