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Never Diet AGAIN!!!

Escape the diet trap for ever with this ingenious new online programme. Diet Another Day gives you an immersive educational programme made up of easy to apply material based on evidence and the basics of Human metabolism. This will help you to learn how to eat for life, manage your weight permanently, and escape the dreary diet trap FOREVER! The Programme also gives you fortnightly coaching sessions with me for life, and over 100 recipes to get you started. 




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Latest Book

Dales latest book - 'How to Cook Healthily' is out now. Getting back to basics, this book shows you what a healthy diet actually looks like, what cooking methods work best, which food groups can be used in what way. It really is a 'how to cook' 101 for anyone embarking on a healthier lifestyle.

Speaking & Events

Dale is frequently sought as a speaker at many large events and conferences, and to deliver lively, detailed, and engaging cookery demo's


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