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With over 26 years in the industry I help guide you to evidence based effective ways to use nutrition to improve your health.

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Dale Pinnock

BSc (Hons), PgDip (Nutr Med)

There is no getting away from the fact that for most people, nutrition has become completely and utterly confusing. By some strange twist of fate, this powerful, effective, yet safe healthcare intervention became entwined with popular culture and aspirational lifestyles. When this happened the fads, bold headlines and utter confusion arose. That bothers me. A lot! I have been in this industry for 26 years. I have studied the subject to degree and post graduate level and now I dedicate my life to giving you the facts, making it simple, and making it effective. I show you how you can use nutrition as a powerful tool for regaining and maintaining good health. Whether you have one of my books, or whether you want to join me in one of my online health programmes for a deeper dive and profound physical transformation, I will give you the evidence. Then I will take away all of the jargon and nonsense and show you how to take this evidence, put it into practice, and take back control of your health. 

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"There are many ways in which I can be on hand to help you achieve better health. Maybe one of my books is enough to give you some inspiration and get you started? Maybe you have more serious health concerns and need to go a little bit deeper and work with me on one of my targeted health programmes. Maybe you just want to top up your nutritional knowledge, which is where my podcast can do the job. Whatever your needs, I have you covered. "

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If you want to work with me in depth, I have developed a series of online health programmes that allow you to take back control of your health. Whether you want help managing diabetes, losing or maintaining weight, improving mood and memory, then we can achieve this together. 

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My podcast 'The Nutrition Nuggets Podcast' takes simple yet detailed explorations into a myriad of different subjects around nutrition. Available on IOS and Android. 

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