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The Batch Cook Bible

My latest book - your complete reference for saving time and saving money. Eat delicious food, get organised and save money!

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The Medicinal Chef

The book that started it all! My 3rd book but the biggest hitter. Take a deep dive into the art and science of using food as medicine! 

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Healthy Every Day

A simple sumptuous way to eat well every day, without all the fuss and faff. 80 simple satisfying recipes to tick all of the nutritional boxes. 

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The Power Of Three

There are three core principles to apply to make our diets healthier and to help prevent common degenerative disease. 

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Type 2 diabetes is becoming epidemic. In 99% of cases it is lifestyle related. Understanding the science behind it can save lives!

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Anxiety & Depression

So many people overlook the fact that our brain and nervous system is incredibly responsive to nutrition. The science stands up. 

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Our gut health is of course very closely linked to our diet. Explore the science and cook for better gut health. 

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Heart Disease

Diet is of course one of the greatest influencers of cardiovascular health. This book gives you the science with 50 recipes to boot!

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The Nutrition Bible

Your A-Z guide to all things nutrition. From nutrition through the life stages, to a detailed reference of every vitamin & mineral. 

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How To Cook Healthily

The beginners course on how to start eating better. The best cooking methods, top ingredients, and 80 recipes to get you started

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The Clear Skin Cookbook

This book was a true right of passage as skin problems were my reason for starting on this path. Eat your way to healthy flawless skin. 

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Medicinal Cookery

My first ever book! A perfect reference guide to using foods to heal. An A-Z of every day ingredients that pack a punch

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