Batch Cooking Will Save You Money & Save You Time

Fighting the cost of living and keeping your family eating well can have its challenges. This proven system will save your skin over and over again. 

This New eBook Is Your Key To Saving Money And Making Eating Healthy More Achievable In These Uncertain Times!

It is time for a far smarter approach to eating well.

  • Stockpile your freezer, with healthy delicious family favourite meals. 
  • Need less and less trips to the supermarket. 
  • Take advantage of supermarket offers and reduced price fresh produce.
  • Always have good home cooked food on hand.


During my time on ITV’s hit series ‘Eat Shop Save’, one tool was used over and over again. On every episode across all 5 seasons. Batch cooking!! Cooking your favourite meals in batches 3, 4, 5 times larger than usual, and then portioning it out and freezing individual or family size portions. This enables you to stock pile your freezer with good healthy wholesome home cooked food. This starts to accumulate and you will need to shop less and less as the weeks roll on and you save significantly. We received emails and photos from tens of thousands of families nationwide that were all saving thousands on their shopping bills across the year. One simple strategy can mean thousands back in your pocket for you and your family!

In The Batch Cook Bible You Will Find:


50 Family Favourite Recipes:

Given a uniquely healthy twist. I show you how to recreate your family favourites in a way that improves their nutritional status, but also makes them perfect for batch cooking and cost cutting!

No Jargon or Weird Ingredients:

Every recipe in this book uses simple, easy to find affordable every day ingredients. No wonga wonga berries or grass fed Unicorn here! Just cheap everyday staples!

Recipes That Are Easy To Scale:

No need to calculate the amounts needed for large multi portion batches. All recipes are easy to scale up in seconds. 


Not That Confident In The Kitchen? - Don't Worry, I've Got You Covered!

Every single recipe in 'The Batch Cook Bible' is ideal for even the most inexperienced of cooks, yet are absolutely delicious and satisfying. I want to make your journey into sustainable better eating an easy one. 

  • Easy to find, affordable everyday ingredients. 
  • No specialist equipment needed.
  • Only 2-3 steps maximum in all recipes. 
  • Easy to swap out or change ingredients. 

What Others Are Saying

Ranvir Singh - Presenter, ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' 

"Understanding the value both health wise and financially of batch cooking has transformed the way I look at my weekly meals. Thanks to Dale I now always home cook more of the stuff we like and save plenty for the following week too which significantly saves money and time. Both of which we all want more of, right?!"


Featured Recipe: 

Spanish Chicken Tray Bake

Want to see the type of delicious food that is featured in 'The Batch Cook Bible'? How about simple, flavoursome nutritious dishes like this one that is sure to become a family favourite. Taken from the 'bakes' section of the book, it beautifully showcases how simple, delicious and accessible all of the recipes are. Watch the video to see the recipe!

The Simplest Strategies are the Best. Batch Cooking Provides You With a Simple Fool Proof Tool to Put More Money in Your Pocket, and Better Food on Your Table!

It is time for a far smarter approach to eating well.

  • Stockpile your freezer, with healthy delicious family favourite meals. 
  • Need less and less trips to the supermarket. 
  • Always have good home cooked food on hand.
  • Start saving some serious money and get great food on the table every day. The 'Batch Cook Bible' will show you how! Just £14.99