Lose Weight & Improve Your Long Term Health. 

Without Starving Yourself Or Giving Up The Food You Love



Being overweight wipes 10 years off your life. 10 years. An entire decade.

  • That's the difference between seeing your grandchildren turn into young adults and get married - or not.
  • The difference between being able to do ALL the things you're putting off for "one day" - or not.
  • The difference between your family saying "well, they had a good innings" - or not.

Let me put this into context:

This term 'overweight' is based roughly on:

Being over 12 stone for the average height lady, or sailing past 15 and a half for the average height man.

AND factor in that, as we age, our metabolism changes dramatically & often slows down, our hormones change and our muscle mass naturally decreases which means, past 30, we typically put on just over a stone over 10 years.

So if you are ALREADY hovering around those numbers, you can expect to sail past them in the next decade if you are not actively making moves to fight against it.

If that is you, you're going to want to read on....


My message has ALWAYS been consistent. As a Nutritionist with 30 years in the industry, I have always been obsessed with helping you build sustainable, life-long eating habits that keep you healthy. 

And I've been saying this for YEARS: Calorie-controlled diets DO NOT WORK

The fact is, if diets were Amazon products, we would be returning them in their thousands.

You've tried enough diets already to know that they're easy to start but almost impossible to keep up. They're not sustainable. 

They make you crave things you can't have constantly, which makes you feel miserable and sooner or later, you cave. Because who's with me when I say:

"You never want something more than when you're told you can't have it"

The problem is, our busy lives and food environment make it really hard to not pile on the pounds

  • We're pushed for time and so we reach for quick, easy, convenience foods and snacks.
  • Eating healthy can feel like it takes too much prep, planning, and figuring out.
  •  We have the BEST of intentions but get derailed by life's little pleasures; another night out, that family BBQ, the tub of salted caramel in the freezer ("I'll be healthier tomorrow").
  • You can't BEAR to give up your favourites - and when you try, you're like a love-struck teenager that can think of nothing else. 
  • And when your willpower runs out of steam it feels like you may as well go "all-in" and enjoy yourself, so the weight creeps back on again (with added interest).


But Honestly...


Can you think of a less effective (AND MORE MISERABLE) way to lose weight than to drive yourself CRAZY by restricting and depriving yourself until you slip-up, binge, and put all the weight back on again?






  • It doesn't have to be this hard.
  • You can (literally) have your cake and eat it.
  • There IS a path toward healthier eating that feels natural, delightful, easy and sustainable. 

I KNOW because I have been teaching EXACTLY how to do this for over two decades - on National TV, in the newspapers, and in my private practice. I've helped thousands of people ditch their type 2 diabetes altogether, lose their stubborn weight, improve their cardiovascular health, and I know how to help you do the same too. 


How easy it can be to make simple, sustainable changes to what you eat. Changes which become part of your lifestyle and make healthy eating the obvious, automatic choice so that you: 

  • Lose weight permanently & sustainably (no more counting calories and super restrictive diets)

  • Press pause on diabetes.

  • Reverse cardiovascular disease.

  • Reduce inflammation (and your risk of cancers and auto-immune conditions like arthritis).


And safeguard that extra decade with your family!


'The Metabolic Fix'

The complete healthy-living, habit-changing programme that transforms your metabolic health, reverses type 2 diabetes, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure AND fuels your body effectively so that you are "firing on all cylinders" again.

  • Ditch the excess weight and discover simple life-long eating habits that mean you never need to "diet" again - and you will never feel like you are depriving yourself.  
  • Understand the impact that your food choices have upon your life-span, and discover the simple, sustainable changes to managing your weight to secure a long and healthy life. 
  • Learn how to regulate your blood sugar so that you (finally) ditch the sugar cravings, snack attacks and energy slumps that derail your healthy efforts. 
  • Unlock a delicious World of healthy, delectable meals - from budget conscious and batch able recipes, to sumptuous salads and Friday Night Fakeaways.
  • Banish inflammatory joint pain and constant tiredness so that you can get back to doing the things you LOVE. 

This comprehensive health and nutrition programme gives you everything you need to heal your body and nail your nutrition so that you can ditch the unsustainable diets and eat “right” for life


You’ll learn how to get to grips with your metabolic health, so that you can take meaningful action to improve it immediately. 

We’ll cover:

  •  Blood sugar, weight gain management and type 2 diabetes
  •  Food and degenerative disease (and how to reduce your risk-factor)
  •  High blood pressure, heart health and cholesterol count (and how to build a healthy-heart diet)
  •  Gut microbiome (and how to optimise it to turbo-charge your metabolic health)
  •  Stress, sleep and diet (and the tiny tweak that can have a big impact on your health)





I can’t wait to take you into the kitchen and get you back in touch with how delicious healthy is. When you cook like this, you’ll never feel like you’re depriving yourself, or crave more. 

Welcome to gorgeous, nutritious, deluxe meals which feel anything but “diet” which means you’ll want to eat them AND you’ll feel full and satiated – instead of frustrated and hungry

We’ll cover:

  •  The key components of a healthy meal; balancing your macros
  •  Brilliant, easy, fast, delicious breakfasts
  •  Busy weekday lunches
  •  Sexy, sumptuous salads
  •  Delectable dinners


BONUS: Friday Night Fakeaways – Get 5 of your favourite take-away meals packed with flavour. You’re in for a real treat

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Here's What's Inside

As soon as you jump on board, you will get instant lifetime access to the full programme which contains training videos, recipe cards, TV-quality cook-along videos, downloads, worksheets and all the tools you need to understand and master your metabolic health. 

The Metabolic Fix Training Library

You’ll get immediate access to my comprehensive training videos, guiding you through step by step how to master your metabolism for the rest of your life. You’ll learn the science behind the foods you eat and I’ll teach you how to eat for health in a way that’s sustainable and affordable.

You’ll get my TV-Show quality “cook along with me” videos, beautifully shot and packed with nutritional tips, insights and hacks. 

I am there with you, walking you through every single baby step of your transformation. 


LIVE Sessions With Me, Every Single Month, & A Community On Your Side

You aren't on your own on this journey. If you’re stuck on anything from diet-specific substitutes to recipe ideas, health concerns and everything in between, then you have me on hand, every single month, FOR LIFE! I will go live with you once a month to be on hand as your personal nutrition resource, and you can get every bit of support that you could possibly need. 

There is also our own private community area. Join the community to make new friends and connections, swap ideas, recipes and wins or to keep yourself on track or accountable with your health goals

Resources, Recipe Cards, Cheat-sheets and Workbooks

The programme is jam packed with workbooks, downloads, reading materials, recipe cards and challenges that will help you “healthify” your eating, over time, identify patterns, and take immediate action to make lasting change. 

PODCAST Style Audio Downloads

If you’re pushed for time, you’ll have access to downloadable podcasts containing the audio from each of the course training videos, so you can listen on-the-go.

Walking the dog, out and about, in the car. You can take your learning with you so that you can completely immerse yourself in the material and achieve your transformation even faster. 

Tell Me This: "WHAT is your top priority?"


When I ask my clients this question, health and family always come out top.

Because we recognise if we haven’t got good health, EVERYTHING is hard. AND that poor health has a massive knock-on effect on our family, too.

I want to change that for you, starting now, because securing your next decade is not something you can put off for another day .

You know it needs to happen now.  You know if you click off this page, life will get in the way and a month from now nothing will be different.

So borrow my faith in you that you CAN make this work, for good, once you understand the simple strategies to fuelling your body in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

Let’s start to make the changes now.  Let’s be the change you want to see.

Let’s take the action that affirms how important to you your health is.

Let’s make today the day you took control and unlocked the simplicity of eating beautiful, delicious foods that will heal you back to your best self.

I can’t wait to take you on this journey


Lifetime Programme Access


How Does 'The Metabolic Fix' Compare?

Let's Take A Look:

  • Weight watchers - £240 PER YEAR. Constant “point counting” that is HARD WORK! Many members report feeling hungry and frustrated that many foods are “off limits”. It does NOT teach you what is happening in your body and how to counteract this for a lifetime. Weekly “weigh ins” which can make many people anxious and self conscious. Most members that stop the programme regain 30-35% of the weight they lose. Classes/sessions are not led by qualified nutritionists.

  • Slimming World - £309.40 PER YEAR. Can be restrictive and difficult to follow in the long run. No education as to how your body works and how to actually fuel it properly.  More than 90% of people regain weight after they finish the “diet”. Classes/sessions are not led by qualified nutritionists.

  • Weogvy (hormone mimicking weight loss injections) - A STAGGERING £200 PER MONTH!! The downsides to this are just unbelievable. From the mild - nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, headache, fatigue. Through to the downright life threatening - Pancreatitis, gallbladder problems, kidney problems, & possible allergic reactions.

  • The Metabolic Fix - £225 and you are in FOR LIFE! No weighing, calculating, syning, daft rules or restricting. Actually learn how your body works and how to eat in a way to support for life. Goes BEYOND just temporary weight loss. This is life long change to make you the fittest and healthiest you can possibly be. This isn’t just a number on a scale. This is more years in your life, and more life in your years. All this led by an actual qualified nutritionist with 30 years experience in the industry. TRUE expert guidance.


Let's recap, you're getting:

A complete nutritional programme to:

  • Lose weight effectively without depriving yourself.
  • Manage your blood sugar and reduce sugar cravings.
  • Manage your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and protect your heart.
  • Reduce inflammation in your body to reduce your risk of cancers and auto-immune conditions like arthritis.
  • Improve your gut health & boost immunity. 
  • Reduce your cortisol levels and turbo-charge your weight loss efforts.
  • Balance your macros and get the right nutrients in the right ratios.


Me by your side in your kitchen:

I'll be by your side teaching you how to put everything into practice. How to cook healthily, effortlessly (in mouth watering high definition TV quality footage). You'll learn how to cook: 

  • Beautiful healthy breakfasts.
  • Busy weekday lunches.
  • Sexy sumptuous salads.
  • Delectable dinners.
  • Friday night fakeaways.

AND you also get:

  • DIRECT support from me every single month in our live sessions together. 
  • Recipe cards, challenges, checklists, workbooks, cheat-sheets, and shortcuts. 
  • All of my practical time & money saving tips. 
  • Audio downloads of all of the included training videos. 

Everything, with LIFETIME access for just £225