Decoding The Complex World Of Nutrition - To Get You Back To Health

I want to teach you how powerful the food that you eat every single day can be. The choices you make at meal times can allow you to actively engage in your long term health and take pro active steps to ward off and often reverse disease. Your food truly IS medicine.

Nutrition & It's Role In Our Health Has Got Far Too Complicated. I Want To Change That!


So that you can take action, and start to feel the way you deserve to feel once again!

30 Years Experience Distilled Into Everything I do


I have been in the nutrition field for over 30 years. From 1 to 1 clinical practice, through to working with supplement companies and developing nutritional education. I have dedicated my life to one single subject - the role of nutrition in healthcare.

I distill everything I have learned in my 30 years of experience and education into every millimetre of my work. Everything I do. Everything I teach. Everything I write, has a lifetime of dedication behind it to give you clarity & safe effective steps to move toward better health. One bite at a time. 

A Dedication To Education


It didnt take me long to get hooked on the subject of nutrition, and ever since I have had a life long commitment to education. I studied the subject for 9 years, and haven't stopped there! The qualifications I hold:

  • BSc (Hons) - Human Nutrition.
  • BSc (Hons) - Herbal Medicine.
  • PgDip - Nutritional Medicine.¬†

And now I am dedicated to educating others about the power of nutrition. Whether I do this through my books, one of my online courses, a TV interview or through my nutrition school. I am dedicated to helping people understand the powerful role that nutrition plays in our healthcare. 

So, What Lead Me Here?


Like many do, I discovered nutrition due to my own health challenges. In my case it was acne. From the age of around 10/11 i started developing pretty fast and with that, I started breaking out in acne. Big style! Just at that point in life where we begin to get conscious of ourselves in relation to our peers. I looked a real mess.

Over the years I went to many doctors and specialists and dermatologists, and nothing really made any difference. There were mild improvements here and there, but I would always return to that default - red, raw angry acne flare ups!

When I got to the age of 15, I was sat round at a friends house one evening, feeling sorry for myself, when his mum loaned me a book called ‚ÄėFit For Life‚Äô. She said ‚Äúunless you change what is on the inside, nothing will change on the outside‚ÄĚ. I read this thing cover to cover and that is when the lightbulb came on. I was hooked on the subject of nutrition. What followed‚Ķ.

I read over 1000 books on the subject, used myself as a guinea pig and tried every conceivable diet on the planet. The changes I saw in myself and in my life were profound. My acne cleared, my body completely changed shape, my brain felt like it had received a serious software upgrade, my energy and mood were through the roof. I never knew it was possible to feel THAT good. 

I knew what I wanted to do with my life. But, having grown up in the Rave Scene of the early 90’s, it is safe to say that…education took something of a backseat. I had a lot of catching up to do. I went and did an access course, then began my first degree in Human Nutrition as a mature student. I then went on to do a second degree in Herbal Medicine because I was getting more and more interested in plant chemistry and how this took the healing power of foods way beyond just nutrients alone. After completing my second BSc I went on to do a post graduate degree in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey….and here I am.

Having suffered with my own health and feeling first hand the mental toll that it took, I am now dedicated to helping you return to good health with the right changes to your diet.


Seen & Heard:

A Few Key Highlights

  • Author of 20 books, 7 x Sunday Times best sellers. I am truly grateful to have written 20 books on the subject of Nutritional Medicine. These have been translated into 23 languages. I have won the guiod of food writers award for 'Work in Healthy Eating', and managed to have 7 Sunday Times best sellers too! You can see a selection of my books here:¬†
  • Spokesperson in the British media. For the last 15 years I have been a frequent spokesperson for Nutritional Medicine in the British media and beyond. I have been a regular on TV shows such as: 'This Morning, Lorraine, Good Morning Britain, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, The Saturday Show, and I co presented ITV's hit prime time show 'Eat Shop Save' for 5 seasons. I am also a regular on radio and have featured¬†often on BBC Radio 2's 'Steve Wright in the afternoon' and also featured on The Chris Evans Show on both radio 2 and Virgin radio. I also feature regularly on the numerous BBC Local and regional stations around the country such as BBC Three Counties, BBC London and BBC Cambridgeshire.¬†