A healthy diet and lifestyle doesn't need to be all confusion and guesswork!  


When you combine a targeted, 'done for you' diet plan, in depth education and interaction from the Worlds top wellness professionals, plus ongoing support and nurturing, you become unstoppable. 

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You made a commitment to getting healthy but the bumps in the road soon appeared. Challenges started popping up that had the ability to knock you off track. 

  • You start second guessing what you are doing and get completely confused by all the conflicting information.
  • Other family members don't want to eat the same as you so you bend under pressure.
  • You run out of ideas and inspiration and out of boredom slip into old habits. 
  • Your cravings get the better of you, you give in and end up feeling disappointed with yourself.

This can make you feel lost or like you are going around in circles and getting absolutely nowhere. 





I want to help you get out of this endless cycle of second guessing, stop starting, lack of motivation, and feeling like nothing goes to plan. 

I want to help you get the programme that is right for you, and give you the best information I can to help you achieve good health for a lifetime with comfort and ease. 

Imagine if...

  • You started with a clinically tested, nutritionist created diet plan that is right for YOU, to meet your needs.
  • You had all the recipes, a planner of what to eat when, and your shopping list done for you.
  • You had access to a bank of hundreds of additional recipes aside to your plan to keep you inspired and find healthy options the whole family will love. All with full nutritional analysis carried out and listed. 
  • You had monthly in depth nutrition classes to help you learn nutrition in detail so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family long term.
  • You could attend live intimate Q&A sessions with the World's top experts in health and wellness, speak with them directly and get your questions answered and get their support.
  • Have ongoing weekly support sessions to keep you on track, keep you inspired, and on the road to good health. 

What if it was all there for you in one place - one single resource that pulled this together for you and could be your go to platform to get on the right path and get clarity once and for all.


How I Can Help...


Monthly diet plan tailored to YOUR needs

Imagine embarking on a professionally designed, specific diet plan that actually suits your needs. Whether you want to embark on a plant based diet or a low carb approach. Or, whether you have serious issues such as heart disease or diabetes. I have a tailored diet plan to tackle your issues and help you achieve your goals. Evidence based and effective.

Your personal diet plan will be sent to you every week and will consist of all of your recipes with full nutritional breakdown, your weekly meal planner, and a shopping list. All done for you!


Monthly Themed Recipe Bundles


Staying inspired with a stream of new ideas is difficult. As well as you personal diet plan that is sent out to you every week, you can access a new bundle of additional recipes every single month. Each month the recipe bundles will be around a specific theme. It could be Asian dinners, low carb lunches, heart healthy. A different theme each month.

Each month these recipes will move into the archive as the next batch comes in. The archive will grow month after month, giving you hundreds and hundreds of delicious healthy recipes, with full nutritional breakdown to keep you inspired.

Lecture Archive

Monthly In-depth Nutrition Classes


Education is the key to living a healthier life and to improving the health of your family and friends. Every month I deliver a video class around the subject of nutrition. A different deep dive subject every month. These classes go into great depth. They allow me to really expand on a subject and teach you this vital information at a level that will allow you to feel confident that you have an ever improving understanding of nutrition. This will give you clarity, knowledge and understanding.

These classes are also a good prep for those wanting to study nutrition further. 

VIP Guest Live Sessions & Archive

Monthly LIVE guest class and Q&A session.


Imagine if you could get up close and personal with the leading figures in nutrition & wellness and have them at hand to help you solve your health problems. Every month I invite a guest to do a live session. I bring in the some of the World's leading authorities in nutrition and wellness. These are the most elite group of specialists there are and these sessions are your chance to speak with them DIRECTLY! Ask them your questions, dig deep into their knowledge and build connections with these world leaders.

Rarely will you ever get this opportunity ANYWHERE else. 


Monthly Cooking Classes.


Getting access to recipes is great, but I want to make sure you have the confidence to get in the kitchen and create healthy meals. That's why every month you will get a new video cooking class. Here I will show you not only specific recipes, but tips tricks and techniques to prove just how easy cooking good healthy food can be. 

You will also have ready and waiting for you a library of 'healthy kitchen hack' videos that solve some of the every day problems that people  have gaining kitchen confidence. 

Ongoing Weekly Support

Weekly live interactive coaching/support sessions.


One of the single biggest factors in long term change and growth, is having the right support in place. I want to make sure that I am here for you to help you make new changes to your diet and lifestyle and to also be there to hold you accountable. I will hold your hand, kick your butt, give you answers and whatever else you need to make the right changes and make them stick.

I go live with you every week to give you this support. You don't need to attend every week, just whenever you feel like you need an extra push, extra support, or want some clarity on something. 


Too many people that I speak to just feel overwhelmed, confused, unmotivated and frustrated. They desperately want to get healthier and improve their understanding of nutrition and get the right guidance. They want to know how to eat right for their needs and how to do the right things for their families and loved ones. False information. Lack of inspiration and clarity. Plus a lack of accountability create an almost impossible situation for so many. A road to nowhere. I want to change this!!




A VIP monthly members club where you get the absolute best of me and all the tools, resources, and educational materials you could need to transform your health for a lifetime.

Let me guide you towards a healthier life with the best tools and resources I can provide.

This exclusive community gives you everything you need to get healthy and develop a deep understanding of nutrition for life. This is your ticket out of overwhelm and confusion.

The Nutrition Hub

Your complete resource for nutrition and all the tools you need to transform your health once and for all. Education. Guidance. Support and resources to get you on track and keep you there.

  • Regain control of your health with clarity and confidence.
  • Follow a nutrition plan that actually meets YOUR needs.
  • Develop a deep day to day understanding of good nutrition, to help you and your family make the best choices for life.
  • Have the World's leading authorities on nutrition and wellness on hand to teach & support YOU
  • Have me there to coach and support you and guide you through the maze.


I have 26 years experience helping clients achieve better health and a better understanding of good nutrition. I have seen incredible transformations and I know that with the right tools and guidance, anyone can make meaningful significant changes. 


Let me and my team of experts guide you, carry you, teach you and inspire you to make the change.

It's time to stop guessing and getting discouraged. It's time to let me take the lead


I know you're going to love these bonus gifts that are exclusive to Nutrition Hub members.

Let's really fast-track your success!
  • BONUS 1 --> A FREE 1 to 1 consultation with me to use when you need it.*
  • BONUS 2 --> Free mini course 'The Foundations of Good Nutrition' to cement the basics of a good diet and how to make the right decisions and make healthy eating and lifestyle changes stick. 
  • BONUS 3 --> VIP discount codes for well known health brands. From foods to supplements. Each month I will give you VIP discount codes for my favourite brands to help you on your road to better health. 
  • BONUS 4 --> FREE ticket to an in person event coming soon when restrictions allow. 

*free 1 to 1 consultation valid from 6 months membership.

I'm ready to join for £19.99 per month


The Nutrition Hub

Your complete resource for nutrition and all the tools you need to transform your health once and for all. Education. Guidance. Support and resources to get you on track and keep you there.

  • Your own tailored nutrition plan - delivered every week
  • An archive of hundreds of recipes to keep you inspired and on track.
  • In depth nutrition classes every month to take your knowledge to the next level. Archived every month.
  • Live interactive classes and Q&A sessions every month with the World's leading experts in nutrition and wellness. Your unique opportunity to connect with them. Archived every month. 
  • Weekly live coaching/support sessions with me.
  • A host of exclusive bonuses every month. 

I know first hand the struggle that comes with having a desire to make better health choices, that gets crushed by confusion, misinformation, and boredom.

It takes knowledge, guidance and having a trusted professional to oversee your progress. Let me take on that role and get you on track once and for all