Learn How To Use Food As Medicine - Become A Certified Nutrition Coach

From Science to Plate, This Course Unlocks a World of Opportunities: Master Therapeutic Nutrition, Ignite a Career in Health Coaching, and Inspire Change Across Continents.

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Join Over 2000 Graduates & Enter The World of Nutritional Medicine With This Globally Recognised Online Certification.

Blending cutting-edge science with practical skills. Ideal for health professionals, personal trainers, coaches, and complete beginners alike. We offer a transformative journey for all skill levels. Equip yourself with all the tools to truly lead in the nutrition & health field. From becoming celebrated authors, to running successful coaching businesses, and even going on to higher education, our graduates are shaping the future of health & nutrition.


Study At YOUR Own Pace

Take 12 months or 12 years! No term times, deadlines or time limits....EVER. Fit your studies around real life. 

Ongoing Student Support

With you EVERY step of the way. Full support from Me & my team whenever you need it, as often as you may need it. 

No Science Background Needed

Our material is perfectly positioned for all backgrounds and abilities, with all the support you could need.

A New & Practical Approach to Nutrition and Healthcare

Introducing the 'Diploma in Culinary Medicine' from the Culinary Medicine College:

  • Pioneering Expertise: Created by a world-renowned pioneer in nutritional medicine, our course offers unparalleled, up-to-date scientific knowledge delivered by a teaching team of esteemed medical doctors, researchers, and clinical nutrition practitioners.
  • From Science to Plate: Master the art of translating complex nutritional science into the creation of practical, therapeutic recipes and meal plans, empowering you to make a tangible impact on health and wellness.
  • A World of Opportunities Unlocked: Upon graduation, gain insurance and professional body membership, opening doors to a world of global career opportunities and enabling you to build, grow, or expand your business in the health & wellness sector.
  • Recession-Proof Your Career: Join a field that thrives even in challenging economic times, and dedicate your career to helping people reclaim and maintain better health, a need that is always in demand.

Get Recognised & Registered in 36 Countries.....and Counting

The Global accreditation this programme has means that you can earn a qualification recognised in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore & Asia Pacific, and Europe Wide.

Everything I Do - Distilled Into One Powerful Programme


This programme is my life's work translated into one giant deep dive.

This diploma is the culmination of my 30 years experience, condensed into the most powerful, practical and in depth certification of its kind. I have taken my own clinical experience and then assembled a team of medical doctors, specialists, academics, researchers, thought leaders and clinical practitioners that are the leaders in their field, to bring you the most scientifically sound, relevant, practical and approachable programme around. 

I am the programme leader, school principal and runs our monthly live online sessions too. Plus I teach the bulk of each module too. 

Course Modules

Our Teaching & Assessment Process

Our teaching process is simple. We work through each module teaching you key anatomy and physiology of the body system(s) we are studying in that module. We then dive deep into how the normal functioning of this system changes during disease process. We then explore the role of nutrition in this. It could be looking at nutrition as a cause of or contributor to disease but mostly, as is the primary focus of the course, how nutrition can be a powerful therapy for managing such diseases and health challenges. Throughout the course our focus is taking all of this scientific theory, and then translating that into designing therapeutic meals and diet plans unique to an individuals specific health needs.

We give you these skills using this teaching framework in each module: 

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Meet Some Of My Students & Graduates


Who Else Will Teach You?

Take a look at this small snapshot of the wonderful teaching team that we have here at 'The Culinary Medicine College'. These are leaders in their field and their contributions to this programme are truly World class.

Dr Alex Richardson

Oxford University, FAB Research

The impact of Alex's 90+ research publications puts her in the top 3% of academic researchers worldwide.Best known for her research into how nutrition (particularly fats) can affect behaviour, learning and mood. 

Dr Alan Desmond

Consultant Gastroenterologist

As a consultant gastroenterologist, Alan works daily with conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, and uses dietary changes as his number one intervention. Alan teaches a fascinating session on our 'Digestive System' module. 

Dr Aseem Malhotra

Consultant Cardiologist

Recently heard on the 'Joe Rogan Experience' Aseem has been a very outspoken advocate for the many Myths & untruths surrounding the links between diet, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Aseem teaches on the cardiovascular module. 

Dr Gemma Newman

Family GP

Gemma has worked in medicine for 15 years and has been a senior partner in a family GP practice for 10. She frequently uses diet and nutrition as a first option with her patients. Gemma teaches on the 'Diet & Mental Health' module.

Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Your Spot NOW.

Start A Career That Changes Lives

Apply Today, Shape Your Tomorrow.

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