My journey into nutrition began like many others, due to my own health issues. From the age of about 11 I started getting really bad acne, which led me on a quest to get to the bottom of it when conventional treatment did very little. After a lot of self experimentation and research I caught the nutrition bug and realised its power to influence many aspects of our health.  In a 5 year period I read over 1000 books on the subject, used myself as a guinea pig, and became obsessed. My obsession meant that I eventually went to university to study Human Nutrition. Several years later I also did a post graduate diploma in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey.

I have also cooked (and been an enthusiastic eater) since the age of 4. As soon as I could stand, my mum would have me in the kitchen helping her cook, and it is this gift from her that has allowed me to be confident in the kitchen all my life. I have worked every job in kitchens over the years whilst studying, from pot wash right up to head chef.

Combining evidence based nutrition with the art of cooking has meant I have been lucky enough to now write 14 books on the subject of Nutrition and Health, have appeared on dozens of different TV shows in Britain and around the world, and have co presented a hit prime time series.

What all of this comes down to really is that it is my true passion to provide real, down to Earth, practical advice for people who want to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle. Teaching is my passion. Whether it is one to one, a live class or event, in one of my online programmes, or a feature on a TV show or radio programme. Teaching people about this fascinating and sometimes confusing subject is my greatest love and strength.

Diet Another Day

At a time when nutrition has gained massive mainstream popularity, the fads and half truths have really come out of the wood work. It is ESSENTIAL that we have suitably qualified professionals with the capacity to teach and the experience to understand the struggles that people face. I have now been in this industry for 25 years and have seen most things come and go. I am here to help you make sense of nutrition in amongst the noise, the fads and fashions, the headlines and the falsehoods. Getting to grips with this subject ultimately has the power to drastically improve your health and the health of those you love. Simple yet powerful, a good diet can be a profound tool, and I will show you how to make the right changes without confusion, restriction, or breaking the bank.

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