Using nutrition to take back control of your health.

With over 26 years experience in the industry I help guide you to evidence based, effective ways to use nutrition to improve your health.

Nutrition is fundamental to good health. For many, it has become confusing. So many contradictory headlines and silly fads. It can be a minefield. I am here to to give you the facts and set you straight on a path to better health. 

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  • A bespoke diet plan completely tailored just for YOU and your personal needs every month. Recipes, meal planner, shopping list, full nutritional breakdown. The works.
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Curried Black Bean Soup

This beautiful quick and easy soup is a powerhouse for heart health.

Going Off Track

We all go off track!! I just have. Monumentally. Staying there, that's a different matter. Self forgiveness got me out of the woods....

Pear and tahini Porridge

Start your day with this heart-healthy and delicious staple. Creamy, fragrant and indulgent.

“My mission is clear. I want to be the trusted resource you can turn to when you want clarity on nutrition. When you are fed up with the fads and misinformation, you know where to turn. ”


My Podcast

'The Nutrition Nuggets Podcast' - helping you get clarity in nutrition. My podcast is a chance for me and my guests to get deep into the detail and give you a deeper understanding of nutrition. Consisting of small bite size nuggets and mid length interviews, this podcast will help to expand your knowledge of this often confusing subject. 

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My New Book

'The Medicinal Chef - Plant Based Diet'. Starting with the science behind a plant-based diet, this book takes a look at the health benefits as well as rectifying the pitfalls that so many of us suffer when eating vegan, arming you with the knowledge to eat well. This nutritional information can then be utilised through the more than 80 simple, quick and delicious recipes that will promote good health, with each recipe being helpfully labelled, letting you know if it contributes to skin, skeletal, immune or cardiovascular health as well as listing other key nutritional benefits.

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I have been in the nutrition industry for 26 years now. Two undergraduate degrees and a post graduate degree later I have dedicated my life to being the 'go to' resource for sense and clarity in nutrition for anyone that wants to take steps to improving their health. 


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Want a career in Nutrition? Study with me and earn a qualification recognised in 37 countries.

In 2019 I launched 'The Culinary Medicine College' and its groundbreaking 'Diploma in Culinary Medicine'. Since then it has gone on to become the most highly accredited course of its type in the World. Now, with students on every continent, it is one of the fastest growing nutrition schools globally. 


Start, grow or scale your wellness business. A step by step road map to mastering this rewarding industry. 

This is the course I always wished existed when I first started. I have distilled my 26 years experience in the wellness industry into a 5 week masterclass. From content strategy, to tech. From social media to building relationships with the media, and how to become a published author. Everything I have built in my business is here in this groundbreaking programme.