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Our fully accredited Diploma in culinary medicine teaches you the science of using food to improve health, and gives you the tools to start a rewarding, lucrative and exciting new career. 

International Accreditation

Receive a qualification recognised in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, EU and Asia

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"The case studies really help to put the science and theory into practice."

Mari Craig - Culinary Medicine Student




"I love that I can study in my own time - on my lunch break or on the commute home."

Charmaine Stapleton - Culinary Medicine Student




"I really enjoy the variety in what we do and study and the many ways we learn the material."

Llynda Baugh - Culinary Medicine Student




"In depth and detailed yet accessible."

Ben Winthrop - Culinary Medicine Graduate



Graduate Profile

Cathy Houghton - Blossom Health Coaching

Cathy Houghton runs Blossom Health Coaching and uses her Diploma in Culinary Medicine  to help coach women to make better health choices and improve their relationships with food. 

Cathy operates her business in several ways, with a monthly subscription 'Well Woman' group, and more personalised one to one coaching. The more personalised sessions also involve tailored cooking sessions and menu planning. 


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