Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Successfully Reversed. 

Type 2 diabetes now affects over 4.7 million people in the UK. It is a condition that  just continues to get worse and ultimately cuts life short if not correctly managed. Thankfully, diet & lifestyle are the single most powerful tools in stopping this condition in its tracks. With the right education and tools at your disposal, you can actively engage in your own health care and take back control! 

For too long I have seen too many good people struggle. I have seen so many patients come to me desperate to get control of their weight. As soon as we move away from the diet mindset, the miracles start to happen...

The problem is, I know that you feel like it is your fault! You feel like you just aren't trying hard enough, or that you just can't get it right. You feel like there is something wrong with YOU!

It is the diet model that is broken, NOT you! Outdated ridiculous ideas like calories in v's calories out, have made our health progressively worse. When we understand that our bodies have complex interactive biochemistry that influences our weight, and understand how food influences this, then we can make the right changes to end this lifelong struggle.  

Join our busy global community and get all the support, help, and resources that you need to make life long change. 



Take Back Control Of Your Health And Turn This Thing Around!

I created the 'Diet Another Day' Programme after working with thousands of people in clinic and online, and seeing so many of them deeply distressed and frustrated, on their journey to lose weight and regain their health. Many had 'tried everything' and given it their all, yet could never achieve the goal of lasting weight loss.

I saw it was time to show people how to get out of this diet trap FOREVER, and the only way out is education and guidance.

Join the 'Diet Another Day' Programme

Here's What You Get When You Join 'Diabetes: Stop The Clock'!


A 6 Week Educational Journey

Diet Another Day is all about educating you for life so that you never fall into the diet trap. This is why the whole programme revolves around an immersive educational experience:

  • In depth educational platform to work through, with challenges, downloads, videos, and more.
  • Learn how your body works
  • Understand how the food that you eat influences this.
  • Realise that much of the old information we have been given is completely inaccurate , and just DOESN'T WORK.
  • Learn that our weight is controlled by much more than just numbers - hormones, and biochemistry are the key

Over 80 recipes to get you started

The Diet Another Day Recipe Archive contains over 180 recipes to kick start you on your journey to lasting change. These recipes showcase how easy, simple, and delicious it is to make these changes for life. The recipe archive includes:

  • Over 180 recipes to get you started, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • Vegan, meat, and fish options available in all recipe sections. Recipes for all tastes.
  • Simple, super affordable, and no weird ingredients. Every day foods, everyday value. No big shopping bills!!
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Weekly Group Coaching

One of the single biggest factors in long term change and growth, is having the right support in place. I understand the need for support and guidance during any major change in lifestyle. This is why I will be on hand every two weeks to guide you and help you and answer any questions you may have:

  • I will be your PERSONAL NUTRITIONIST through this journey.
  • Connect to our sessions from anywhere, on any platform or device. This is your regular interactive group meeting without ever having to leave the house.
  • Use this session to ask me anything, tackle any issues you may have, and have me on board to guide you through each and every step.


'Diet Another Day'


A programme to get you out of the diet trap and give you the knowledge to manage your weight in a healthy, sustainable, enjoyable way for a lifetime. Join our international community and take back control of your health with all the education, support, and resources you could need. 

I want you to stop feeling like a failure and frustrated at never being able to get the results you want every time you try and diet. It is the concept of dieting that is broken, not you!

  • Escape the diet trap forever once you learn how your body works you can work with it to support long term health and weight management.
  • Follow an educational programme that gives you hands on knowledge for life, to help you make the right choices in any given situation.
  • Get inspired to get started straight away with a bank of almost 200 recipes to put everything you learn into practice.
  • Join a global community of members who support and uplift each other along this journey. 
  • Have me there to coach and support you and guide you through the maze.
"Diet Another Day' LIFETIME Access - Just £145

It's Time To Put Yourself First And Change This Pattern Once And For all