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A staggering 400 million disposable razors are thrown away every single year in the United Kingdom alone. 400 million plastic razors going in to landfill. We think this is NOT OK, so here's what we did about it! 


Shave Pounds from your shaving bill

The amount of money that people spend on disposable razors, and the staggering volume of them that end up in landfill concerns us. A LOT! Thats why we have developed the technology to DO SOMETHING about it!!

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All of this waste is TOTALLY Unnecessary 

The Clever Shave patented technology can expand the life of your razor significantly. Some of our users have been using the same disposable for over a year now with no loss in effectiveness. If you are trying to be more environmentally minded, live greener, and lighter, this simple tool can help curb your plastic disposal and save a few pounds too. 

Ready to Save Money and Live Greener?

What is the Clever Shave all about? Its about Saving YOU money, saving our ENVIRONMENT, and keeping your razors in tip top condition for as long as possible. 

See how simply our technology works and the science behind it!

Take a Stand With Us

Our environment matters to us, and what we are doing to it never ceases to sadden us. We can all do our bit in creative ways to lessen the burden we place on it


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