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A step by step road map to business mastery built from experience.

This is the course I always wished existed when I first started. I have distilled my 26 years experience in the wellness industry into a 6 week masterclass. I know what works because I have walked the walk, failed more times than I care to admit, and learned many lessons the hard way. From there I have now built a thriving business built around digital products. I have become an international best selling author. I have built very lucrative brand relationships. I have become a leading media spokesperson for health and wellness, and ultimately created a business and lifestyle that I love. This didn't happen by accident. It came from trial and error, tenacity, failing forward, learning every day, and figuring it all out bit by bit. Now I want to give back and help you create a business that you will be proud of and a lifestyle that brings you abundance in all its forms, but without the pitfalls and mistakes. I want to give you the roadmap to master the wellness business, and be your guide and mentor on this journey. 


A responsive online learning platform featuring 60 plus lessons, with almost 40 hours of video content.

A 6 week deep dive master class (with lifetime access) with over 40 hours of video tuition, built on a digital learning platform that works seamlessly on any device. Learn anywhere, any time. 

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Downloadable PDF's with sections to make your own notes.

The course includes accompanying downloadable PDF's with sections for you to make your own notes and brain storm your ideas as we move through the content, so you can grow and develop your business and evolve your ideas as you get inspired. 

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There is a lot of information in this course, and there are many simultaneous spinning plates in the knowledge commerce business. It can feel overwhelming and sometimes a quite lonely experience. That is why once a month I will go live for you guys to be your support and your mentor, and help walk you through your business development. . 

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This course is currently ONLY available to you guys that are either students on my other programmes, follow me on social media, or have joined my mailing list. The course will launch to the wider public later in the year. When it launches fully it will cost £1200.

You guys will get it for £550, less than half price, from TODAY to the end of April ONLY. Then, it is up to full price ready for the full launch. Now is the time to act!

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