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I am an experienced speaker, presenter and media commentator that can thrive and deliver in many environments. From science lead cookery demonstrations at a food festival, to talking on stages in front of thousands of delegates, through to television presenting and contribution, I deliver with passion, material that demystifies and clarifies the often confusing and divisive subject of Nutrition and Health. 

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I can provide an unmatched level of comment and content on the subject of Nutrition. I have honed and perfected my craft for over 2 decades to bring clarity and coherence.

Television & Radio Contribution!

I have been a regular contributor to television and radio for over 15 years. I feel very strongly that we must have clear, coherent, qualified spokes people for the World of nutrition and health. In this time where there is such a desire for clear information about how to stay healthy, and with such confusion and misinformation around, this is a necessity. I pride myself on being just that. Delivering clarity and common sense to this subject. 

I contribute regularly to live format shows, and have also co presented 5 series of a hit prime time TV show for ITV. 

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Live Cooking Demonstrations - With A Twist!

One area where I truly thrive is in the live cooking environment. The work that I do has a unique format. As well as having a degree and a post grad in nutrition, I have also been cooking all of my life and worked as a chef for 8 years during my studies. In all of my work my focus is taking the often complex science of nutrition, and then applying that to actually creating recipes. I translate it into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

On stage in a kitchen theatre I absolutely come ALIVE! What I deliver is where a cooking demo and a science lesson collide. Absolutely not to be missed!

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Speaking On Stage/Corporate Events


Educating people on the science of nutrition is what animates me. It is what gives me meaning. This comes across every time I get the opportunity to speak about it and the passion is infectious. 

I have given talks in every conceivable environment. From a crowd of 30 in a health food store, through to a crowd of 6500 delegates at a pharmaceutical conference. My message is scalable and adaptable. So whether you are organising a small festival, or an international conference, I can deliver. 

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