Dale is co founder of the Sano Group. Sano is a group of 4 companies whose mission it is to offer scientific validity and sense into the weird and wonderful World of Nutrition, and to help people make better choices in many daily situations. This video will give you an idea of what sano are trying to achieve....

Introducing, the Sano School of Culinary Medicine

We offer the UK’s first accredited online course in Applied Nutrition integrating the very latest in nutritional science with practical culinary expertise. The result is a flexible, hands-on diploma course that provides you with the opportunity to discover a new radical approach to health and wellbeing, based on facts, not fads. Our Diploma in Applied Nutrition empowers you with the knowledge and tools to make food choices and develop recipes based around health. Use this knowledge for your own health or in your business.

Sano to Go

Dale, alongside business partners Doug and Heather Richards, has opened an exciting new eatery in central London. Situated at 52 Gray's Inn Road, near Chancery Lane, Sano to Go promises a new nutrition focused dining experience for busy Londoners. Indulgent breakfasts, sumptuous lunches with flavoursome sides, and even nutrient dense sweet treats.

Sano to Go is an eatery where a passion for food and health meets nutritional science. We champion every day healthy eating, with nutritious, balanced and tasty food on the go.


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