What are the health benefits of yogurt? Yoghurt is a healthy ingredient that features in cuisines the world over, part of the array of fermented foods that have been staples within virtually every culture for decades. Always go for high-quality live yoghurt without added sugar though. Forget that low fat rubbish, that will just have untold amounts of sugar in it.

Digestive and immune system health

The live bacteria found in yogurt can help support the colony of good bacteria that naturally lives inside our digestive tract. This vast army of bacteria helps with almost every aspect of digestion. They are involved in the digestion and breakdown of certain polysaccharide compounds, they secrete substances that repair the lining of the gut, they regulate peristalsis (the rhythmical contraction of the gut). They also help regulate certain aspects of our immune response, too. They do this by interacting with specified areas of lymphatic tissue within the walls of the gut that contain a dense population of white blood cells. It is the job of these white blood cells to relay information from the gut, to the rest of the immune system. In recent years we have found that gut flora interact with these white cell populations and deliver an almost regulatory activity.