Sweet Potato Patties

Dale Says....


A beautiful sweet potato recipe that really showcases this vibrant, carotenoid rich ingredients. Amazing for the health of the skin and the cardiovascular system, sweet potatoes often make their way into my recipes. These beautiful patties are great with a dense salad, or great in a wrap with some hummus.



Serves - 8

3 medium Sweet potatoes

4 tbsp Almonds

3 tbsp Sunflower seeds

3 Tbsp Shredded coconut

½ tsp Cayenne powder, (optional)

½ tsp Cumin

1 tsp Ground coriander

1 tsp Sea salt

3 Tbsp Chickpea flour

Ghee, (or oil of choice) for cooking



In a large saucepan boil the sweet potatoes for approximately 15 minutes or until tender.

Meanwhile, add the almonds, sunflower seeds and coconut to a food processor or blender. Blitz on high for 10 seconds to make a fine crumb/meal. Add all remaining dry ingredients (including spices) and blitz for a second of two to blend together. 

When the sweet potato is cooked, drain the cooked sweet potato then return back to saucepan and mash with a potato masher. 

Add the dry mix to the mashed sweet potato and knead until thoroughly blended. 

Divide into 8 portions. Wash and dry hands, then rub with a little oil (helps with the handling). 

Roll each ball in your hands and then flatten into a patty, brush each patty with a little ghee (or oil of choice).

Heat some ghee/oil in a frypan over the low, add the patties and cook 15 to 20 minutes each side until a crisp reddish-brown crust forms. 

Serve hot with your choice of side salad or topped with a fresh salsa or relish. 

Note:  These patties take a while to cook and it is important you cook them on low heat (the lowest possible). This will ensure the outside does not burn and the patties are cooked through. If you try and speed things up cooking at a higher heat, the outside are likely to burn and the inside with be undercooked.