These little beauties have always been associated with health, and no wonder really.

High blood pressure

Grapes contain two clinically tested, powerful compounds that can affect blood pressure. The first is the deep purple pigment from a group of compounds called oligomeric proantocyanidins (say that really quickly and I’ll give you a fiver!). The second is a compound called resveratrol. They work in a similar way and complement each others’ action. They increase the production of compounds naturally released by the cells that line the blood vessels, which cause the muscles in the blood vessel walls to relax, making the vessels widen. The wider the vessel, the lower the pressure.

High cholesterol

Grapes don’t seem to contain any cholesterol-lowering compounds per se, but they do contain compounds that reduce the oxidation of cholesterol. This highly reactive chemical process causes notable damage to blood vessel walls, and is one of the reasons that reducing cholesterol is a good idea.