OK, I agree that celery may seem like the most unappealing excuse for a vegetable there is. But you will be rather surprised by the powerful medicinal punch it packs.

Pain reduction

Celery contains a powerful compound called 3-n-butylphthalide (3NB for short), which is an effective pain killer. It’s not going to be replacing morphine any time soon, but it’s an easy-to-incorporate ingredient and anecdotal evidence has shown it to be effective for conditions like arthritis, sprains and injuries. Isn’t salad fun?

Urinary system health

Celery contains a complex cocktail of components that give it a potent diuretic activity. Firstly, it contains a group of compounds called coumarins. These help give it its distinctive smell, and are the same compounds that give a freshly mowed lawn its fragrant aroma. They also increase urinary output. Add to this very high levels of potassium, and you have a notable increase in urinary output. Try drinking some celery juice and see what happens! This makes celery useful for issues such as urinary tract infections, and even high blood pressure.