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Learn the science of Nutrition. In depth and evidence based

Gain a deep understanding of the role that food plays in disease, taught in a way that is suitable for ALL levels and backgrounds. In depth, challenging, yet accessible.

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Qualify in YOUR own time, at your own pace

Life is busy. We get that. We place NO time pressures on you whatsoever. Study at your pace in your own time. No pressure. No stress. No deadlines. 100% online

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Build a lucrative and varied career

Upon graduation gain professional insurance and become a member of the Complementary Medical Association, to give you professional standing in the Wellness industry.

The Nation's health is in crisis. Could you play YOUR part in changing this?

Never before has there been a greater need for health educators. Never before has there been more opportunity to build a solid, rewarding and lucrative career from helping others take charge of their health by changing their diet and lifestyle. Isn’t it time you got credible and took advantage of the new world of opportunity that lays before you? There is one place to get that credibility - The Culinary Medicine College ‘Diploma in Culinary Medicine’ 

Nutrition can seem like a real mine field full of confusion. With my 26 years in the industry, and the extensive array of expert Dr’s, Clinicians, and Practitioners that also teach on the course, we give you clarity.

"We guide you through this seemingly confusing maze that is the subject of nutrition. We don’t teach you opinions or ideas, we teach you from the evidence as it stands. In my long career in this field I have come to understand the needs of the learner and of the consumer. I have designed this course on this very basis to ensure that you learn often complex in depth principles in a way you can apply effectively. This ensures that when you qualify, you can work in a safe, effective way and communicate this important subject from a place of impartial authority, not faddy opinion driven half truth’s". 

Dale Pinnock BSc (hons), PgDip (Nutr Med). 'The Medicinal Chef'. Sunday Times best selling author and course creator.

A Cutting Edge Course Like No Other


A learning journey to give you unrivalled competence.

  • Learn in detail, disease process, how diet influences this, and how to design diet plans around this tailored to clients needs. Learn how to help clients change their lives for the better.
  • A combination of written material, video lectures, guest lectures, case studies, recipe development and diet planning assignments, online exams and more.
  • Taught by Nutritionists, Dieticians, Dr's and Clinical Specialists with decades of clinical experience between them.

Our Teaching & Assessment Process

Study the theory then take the online exam

"The case studies really help to put the science and theory into practice."

Mari Craig - Culinary Medicine Student

"I love that I can study in my own time - on my lunch break or on the commute home."

Charmaine Stapleton - Culinary Medicine Student

"I really enjoy the variety in what we do and study and the many ways we learn the material."

Llynda Baugh - Culinary Medicine Student

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I want to give you the opportunity to get in and get started while the inspiration for change is high, so I am offering the course at the lowest price it will be offered. Take a look around the internet and you will see dozens of courses, all costing in the thousands, which don’t have either the accreditation or the calibre of staff we have. This is the time. This is the best opportunity to jump head first into your new wellness journey for this new decade.