Diploma in Culinary Medicine

The Culinary Medicine College - Diploma in Culinary medicine is a 100% online accredited Nutrition course. You will learn in depth the science of Human anatomy and physiology. How this changes and breaks down in disease process. Then you will learn how Nutrition fits into this picture in the context of both a potential cause, and importantly as a tool to manage or even turn disease around. Once you have this grounding in the theory, you will then learn how to put it into practice by assessing clients needs, habits, and barriers to change, and then develop recipes based around the science and theory, to make this information useable. The course is accredited, and upon graduation you can join a professional body and get insurance to start working straight away!

Diet Another Day

Diet Another Day - The Plan that changes lives. For too long I have seen too many people trying to manage their weight and live a life of calorie counting, points measuring, or counting 'syns'. The sad thing is they never achieve the lasting weight loss and good health they desire.

Here I get you back to basics, teach you how your body actually works and how the food you eat interacts with this, and the science and complexities behind how our body weight is regulated. Master this and weight management will be lasting, health will improve, and you will be out of the restrictive trap forever. This programme has changed hundreds of lives and a thriving community is forming.

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