“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


Change Through Evidence Based Education

My mission is to give you the very best Nutrition information I can, based on current evidence, to help support the health of you and your family, and your ongoing search for reliable information.

Change Through Practical Approaches

Information is only useful if we have strategies in place to apply it. It is my job to show you how simple and practical steps and tweaks can lead to a much healthier diet!

Change Through Support & Guidance

Stumbling around in the dark searching for information is daunting. I am here to guide you through the nutritional maze and help you find the answers and information you are looking for.


Online Programmes: Your Tools For Change

My Programmes

Nutrition and health can be a tough subject to crack. Thats why I have developed platforms where I can give you the absolute best of me and be your personal guide and teacher on this journey, to help you get the clarity on the subject that you are searching for, no matter your background and goals.

My online programmes are here to help you create change towards a healthier lifestyle, or grow and deepen your knowledge of Nutrition and Health.

Nutrition Coaching Monthly
Diet Another Day


All of the information about nutrition in the world is only of limited use if you don't have a practical way to apply it. The food you eat is where the rubber hits the road. Healthy food should be delicious, practical, simple yet indulgent, and accessible to everyone. Get some inspiration as to how to put this all in to practice here in my recipe archive. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, I have you covered!


Featured Book: Eat Shop Save

About the Book

My new book. Television tie-in from Series 2 of Eat Shop Save airing on ITV from July 26th, contains over 80 recipes to restore sanity to the challenges of family cooking.
Focusing on the time-poor in particular, these delicious meals will put a smile on the fussiest of eaters and entice families with chapters such as: Quick After Work Suppers, Favourites with a Facelift and Something Sweet (but good for you).

Food is just the beginning. Using smart shopping and meal planning as a basis, you'll find tips to get organised, save money and free up precious time.

Whats inside?

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