Eat Your Way to a Healthier Heart

A healthier heart and circulatory system is on the horizon!!

After working with thousands of people in clinic and online, I saw so many people deeply distressed and frustrated, on their journey to lose weight and regain their health. Many had 'tried everything' and really given it their all, yet could never achieve the goal of lasting weight loss.

I saw it was time to show people how to get out of this diet trap FOREVER, empowered to make better choices for life! Make The Change

How The Programme Works


As soon as you sign up, we send you through a blood test kit. This is a simple finger prick blood test that you then send back to my partner Labs for analysis. 

Within a few days you will be given your results, and you get access to your own private online results area. We show you what your cholesterol ratios are (ratios are more important than number), what your triglycerides are, and what your inflammatory markers are. These will all be explained through the programme. 

Once you have your blood results, enter them on the programme website, then the programme begins. Its time to make some changes and see real results. 

Once you have the results of your first blood test, then it is time to go through the programme. Each section is an in depth educational experience that shows you how your heart and circulatory system work, how things go wrong, and how our diet and lifestyle influence this. Each section sets you a new challenge. A new change to make in your diet and lifestyle.

You will learn how to make the right changes to your diet, how different foods influence different aspects of cardiovascular health, what the best cooking methods are, and have 100 + recipes to start with. 


The final stage is the re test. Once you have worked through the programme, made all the changes, and become far more informed about how nutrition and lifestyle influences heart health, its time to get tested again.

As before, within a few days my partner lab will have processed your test and your results will be available in your online results area. Now you can see in real time how your body has changed and how your health has improved thanks to all your amazing efforts.