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Sano to Go

Dale, alongside business partners Doug and Heather Richards, is about to open an exciting new eatery in central London. Situated at 52 Gray's Inn Road, near Chancery Lane, Sano to Go promises a new nutrition focused dining experience for busy Londoners. Indulgent breakfasts, sumptuous lunches with flavoursome sides, and even nutrient dense sweet treats.

Sano to Go is an eatery where a passion for food and health meets nutritional science. We champion every day healthy eating, with nutritious, balanced and tasty food on the go. To sign up to the Sano Club where you can get free food (yes, you read correctly), offers, and VIP invitations to events during launch week and throughout the year, then sign up at: http://www.sanotogo.com

Take the guess work out of choosing a healthy breakfast and lunch

If like us at Sano you want to make better food choices when you grab breakfast or lunch during the working week, you will be well aware that sometimes the choices available don't always live up to our intentions. It may be that healthy choices are just limited to begin with, and the healthier options often given less thought and attention, with plain bland options. More commonly though, many food retailers position items as healthy, but when you check the ingredients list, a very different picture forms. Refined sugars, refined flours, all manner of strange preservatives etc. The reality does not match the promise. When you visit Sano, this will never have to cross your mind again. The standards that we hold for what ingredients make it into our meals and the way meals are composed are the absolute highest (just ask our kitchen staff). You will never need to second guess ANYTHING. All of our food is made from scratch, using whole food ingredients, designed to be perfectly balanced. That is the Sano promise to you.

Built around a celebration of beautiful flavourful food

Why do so many equate healthy eating with sensory deprivation? With bland rabbit food or exotic specialist ingredients. At Sano there is no biodynamic grass fed Unicorn with wonga wonga berries. We all LOVE food (nobody dare leave their lunch unattended at the Sano office). If any of us thought eating well meant dietary drudgery, then we'd lock up, and run straight to the nearest takeaway. Our food is stunningly flavoured, diverse, indulgent, rich, satisfying, and its just an added coup that it is also healthy to boot. Flavour and enjoyment comes first. If its the healthiest meal in the world, and it tastes like gravel, whats the point? Take a look at the menu above. Nothing bland or weird about that. Come along and try for yourself and you will see what all the fuss is about.

Sano at home boxes coming soon

Once the doors have opened at Sano to go in mid July, the next thing that will happen is the roll out of our meal box delivery offering. We will deliver a weeks worth of meals at a time, ready made for your convenience. Gone are the days of lifeless TV dinners or ping and ding meals with the texture of gruel. If ready meals could be good for you, then that would be the icing on the cake. Convenience that doesn't damage your health. Well, that is our mission. The menu is extensive and absolutely delicious!! For more information about the launch of this offering, plus to take advantage of special deals, register at www.sanotogo.com

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