Online programmes and courses to regain your health or further your career

Whether you are looking to work with me on a deep dive programme to improve your health and tackle specific health issues, or whether you want to build a career in the nutrition and wellness industry, I have got you covered. 

Let me be your Nutritionist, Teacher and Mentor!

In all my time in this industry, the thing that ignites me and brings me to life is education. I love it. Whether it is at live events where I get to give a talk or do a live cooking demo where we go deep down the science rabbit hole and eat great food at the same time, it is where I truly shine. My online courses and health programmes have allowed me to deliver this to thousands of people globally. There are two types of course that I have available. The first are online health programmes. These are essentially having me on board as your nutritionist, guiding you through an educational process so you can understand your body better and understand what is going wrong and why, and then learn how to change your diet and lifestyle to help turn things around, with my guidance all the way through the programme plus live access to me. The second type of course are professional courses. I created the internationally accredited 'Diploma in Culinary Medicine' under the name 'The Culinary Medicine College'. This is a fully accredited qualification that allows you to practice as a nutrition coach in 32 countries - with over 1000 students internationally. I also have a business course designed for wellness professionals. Have a look below at the programmes I have on offer and hopefully I get to work with you inside one of them very soon! 


Health Programmes

My health programmes are specifically designed to help you manage your health challenges, and take back control of your health by adopting the right evidence based diet and lifestyle changes and have me on board as your nutritionist to guide you through the process. 

Diabetes: Stop The Clock

Based on the exact clinical protocol I used with hundreds of patients in my own clinic. A powerful and effective strategy to help you get a handle on this condition rapidly.

Type 2 Diabetes CAN be turned around with the right diet and guidance.

Diabetes: Stop The Clock is a powerful programme aimed at tackling type 2 diabetes. I have taken the exact clinical protocol that I use with my own patients and turned it into an online programme accessible for all.  I will be your nutritionist to guide you through and help you make the right careful changes to get a grip on this condition. 

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Diet Another Day

NEVER....DIET....AGAIN!! Almost everything we have been told about dieting is wrong!! Counting calories is pointless. Eat less move more is flawed. Strong statements I know, but we have to understand how the body works. Weight management is about more than calories in, calories out!

Dieting will NEVER result in lasting weight loss.

The 'Diet Another Day' programme has been running for around 5 years with incredible success. This is NOT a diet. If you want to be free from counting, weighing, cutting out this or that, depriving yourself, and feeling miserable because you are so bored or not achieving your goals, then I am here to show you there IS another way...

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Professional Courses & Qualifications

My professional courses and qualifications are for those that want to start a career in the Nutrition industry, or grow and scale their wellness business.

Diploma in Culinary Medicine

The World's fastest growing online Nutrition School. The Diploma in Culinary Medicine is a recognised qualification in 32 countries.

Learn how to use food as medicine! A World class level 5 international accredited diploma.

The Diploma in Culinary Medicine from my 'Culinary medicine College' is the most in depth and engaging course of its type. Accredited by such bodies as 'The Federation of Holistic Therapists, the Complementary Medical Association, International Institute for Complementary Therapist, and the FNTP to name but a few. If you want to work as a Nutrition Coach and help people return to better health using diet and lifestyle, this course will enable you to do just that - in 32 countries. With over 1000 students from every continent, this Course is leading the field. 

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