Courses & Health Programmes

Whether you are looking to turn your own health around, or whether you want to dig deeper into the World of Nutritional Medicine from a professional point of view and gain a qualification you can build a career on, my courses and programmes have you covered. 




The Metabolic Fix

Lose wight for life, press pause on diabetes, and normalise your cholesterol & blood pressure. All with a simple effective lifestyle strategy that actually STICKS. No fad diets or crazy restrictions.

This complete 12 week (but with lifetime access), fully-supported programme teaches you the science behind the foods we eat and how to make healthy eating the natural, easy choice for you AND your family, in a way that will continually improve all aspects of metabolic health. 


Diploma in 'Culinary Medicine'

Get a widely accredited qualification that is recognised in 39 countries! If you want to learn how to use food as medicine, get a deeper level of training, and build a new and exciting career, this course is a must.

With students trained on every continent, and taught by some of the World leaders in Nutritional Medicine, this self paced online programme is one of a kind. Teaching you the science of nutritional medicine, then how to translate that into the design and creating of therapeutic recipes.