Partner With Me, and let's create magic.

I love to partner with exciting and fresh thinking brands in the health and wellness industry. I have been doing this for over 20 years and I love to work with innovative brands that make getting and staying healthier easier, more convenient and accessible for all. 

From video content, social media campaigns, and media comment, through to product formulation and brand ambassadorship. I can deliver it all to an unrivalled standard. 

Partnerships make for better business!

My mission is to communicate the benefits of food and nutrition as a tool for wellness and to make this easier and more accessible for more and more people. This is why I love partnering with like minded brands. To spread the message further and to showcase businesses that make better nutrition easier to achieve. 

Ways I Can Support Your Brand!

  • Presenting/fronting social media campaigns with video, audio, and image led content. As an experienced presenter I can make this content sing!! 
  • Media spokesperson & press campaigns.
  • Nutritional supplement & functional food formulation and development consultancy. 
  • Brand ambassadorship/public face of the brand.
  • Fronting/presenting live events such as cooking demo's using products, talks, in store events, seminars etc. 
  • Recipe development for brands using featured products. 
  • Menu development & special events for restaurants, hotels, and food outlets. 

Please note. I vet brands very carefully and ONLY work with brands where there is mutual alignment on our values and mission. 


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