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Pear and Tahini Porridge

This divine tasting breakfast is taken from one of my favourite books that I wrote a few years back now - 'How to Cook Healthily'. This is a winner every time. 

Serves 2

1.5 tablespoons of tahini
Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 soft pear
55g porridge oats
350ml of cashew milk
1 teaspoon of maple syrup

  1. Mix the tahini and vanilla extract together. 
  2. Cut the pear in half lengthways. Dice one half and cut the other half into long spears. 
  3. Place the oats, maple syrup diced pear, and cashew milk into a pan and simmer for 4-5 minutes. 
  4. Divide across 2 bowls and fan the pear spears out over each one. 
  5. Drizzle the vanilla tahini over each one to serve.