HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! I am thrilled to tell you guys that after 18 months work, I have designed and written an accredited diploma course doing what I do. I introduce you to ‘The School of Culinary Medicine’ and our ‘Diploma in Culinary Medicine’ – accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association.

The Sano School of Culinary Medicine’s Diploma in Culinary Medicine has been designed to address the need for a new type of training. The demand for healthy food, advice on healthier food and diets, and inspiration as to how to incorporate this in to our lives has grown at a rate faster than anyone could have ever expected. The popular press, print, television, blogs, books – the nation is alive with a new interest in healthy food and the influence that food can have upon our health.

Our diploma is designed to provide a high level of education for those involved in this newly evolving field. Our course IS NOT a practitioner course that will allow you to ‘treat’ patients/clients, but is aimed at those who are working with food and health, in a non clinical, advisory setting. The course may also be suitable for qualified nutritionists and practitioners that are looking to extend their skills set, and use food preparation and menu design more in their business.

The course is built around 7 key subject areas, and each subject area has two aspects to its delivery. The first explores the theory. This covers key A&P, pathophysiology, and then how nutrition fits into this picture, be it from a causal or therapeutic perspective. Finally the theory covers how all of this translates in to what happens in the kitchen. How recipes/menu’s/dietary strategies are built from the theory. The second part of each subject area is the practical and creative aspect, and it is over to the student. It is time for them to get in the kitchen, and using the theory they have learned, develop menu’s around the subject area. Each dish they create must be relevant to the subject area and be fully justified, showing applied knowledge of the theory.

Teaching is delivered in step by step, highly detailed course materials, animations to bring the science to life, recipe videos, and diagrams and illustrations.

Head over to: for more details on what we feel is a wonderful and ground breaking course.