• HarrietEvans
    July 31, 2015 at 10:51 pm #1465

    Hello, I first developed rheumatoid arthritis symptoms age 28, 2 years ago, when our second daughter was 5 weeks old. It came on suddenly and aggressively and I am now on medication to control it. I follow Patrick Holfords Say no to Arthritis book recommendations loosely now, as it helped me hugely with coping before I began taking medication. My husband and I would love another child but I would not want to become pregnant, or breastfeed, whilst taking the nasty drugs I take. So my question is, what foods and other changes should I make, take and/ or avoid, to allow this to happen?

    Unrelated second question, I’m looking into a career in nutritional therapy type work as I have experienced first hand the profound changes the foods we eat can have on the health we have, but want to do it properly, scientifically and have it be taken seriously as a real and proven way to help ourselves get better. I’m totally unqualified in this area though, what courses do you recommend to get myself to the point where I can help people? Your diploma looks fab and fascinating but obviously would be an add on to the initial qualifications and knowledge I would need.

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